Lace Bobbin Jewellery

Earings and Pendants

For lace makers who cannot do without their bobbins, we offer:

These small bobbins are 4cm without and 4.5cm with the spangle, and are available unspangled or spangled in a variety of woods from the list. The earrings have sterling silver wires and glass (and Tibetan silver) bead spangles.

Pendant Bone

Necklace & Bracelet & Earring Stand

Necklace and Bracelet stand

Combining all three jewellery stands into one: necklace, bracelet and earrings. Available in Scottish Elm and Opepe.

Lace Bobbin Stand

Lace Bobbins Stand

A stand to hold 24 of your most precious lace bobbins in Scottish Elm.

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